OVERVIEW OF F.A.S.E. Hybrid Database (aka "the iPad Project")

Initially, the system was referred to as the "iPad Project", since the system was developed around iPads that served as the centerpiece technology for attorneys accessing their daily calendars.  Our own employees developed this phase of the system. 

Later on, with the assistance of San Bernardino County Information Services Department, we implemented automated processes into the system which was named AutoFACTS.  

The system is now formerly known as F.A.S.E. which encapsulates the entire eosystem developed for the San Bernardino County Public Defender's Office, which stands for Flexible, Automated, Simple and Economical.  Below is a breakdown of the system that we are developing in three major phases.  We recently completed the second phase in October of 2012. 


Phase 1 image


The iPad allowed our office to digitize all files so that we could access them while in court without the need for a wireless internet connection.
Phase 2 image


The AutoFACTS component brought automated digital file movement and automatic input of data into our existing database.  AutoFACTS stands for Automated File Access Creation Tracking System.        
Phase 3 image


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the last phase in the development of FASE HD.  An off-the-shelf CRM will be utilized, e.g., Microsoft Dynamics CRM or online alternatives, e.g., Zoho, Salesforce.  The CRM will allow the office to collect, organize, and analyze the data to guide business decisions on a micro and macro level.