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For more in-depth interviews with those involved in the F.A.S.E. Hybrid Database creation, development, and implementation, click on one of the below thumbnail previews.





Embracing Technology is a short video introducing the F.A.S.E. system that was developed at the San Bernardino Public Defender's Office.

Phyllis Morris

Public Defender

Phyllis Morris, San Bernardino County Public Defender,  initiated the "iPad Project" to reduce cost and increase office efficiency.               

Ed O'Brien


Ed O'Brien, who was the Acting Division Chief at the time of the development and implementation of F.A.S.E., oversaw a volunteer grass roots effort in the Central Division to lead the entire office into the digital era with the use of iPads. 

 Geoff Canty


Geoff Canty, a Chief Deputy Public Defender, played an instrumental role in the conception and development of F.A.S.E.  

 Michelle Medina


Michelle Medina, a senior clerk at the Central Division, added a clerical perspective that was important to the implementation, training, and development of the system.

 Roger Aker

Head of IT

Roger Aker handled all aspects of the hardware implementation and was heavily involved in security issues, maintenance, and development of F.A.S.E.

 Darrel Harris

ISD, Lead  Developer

Darrel Harris, lead developer at the Information Services Department, led the development of  the second phase of the "iPad Project," which was named AutoFACTS.