Lil' Eddie's Annual Food Drive


The annual food drive has been organized by Sam Knudsen to honor his father's belief in helping the less fortunate in our society in a practical way.  All San Bernardino County Public Defender employee's participate by money donations that are used to purchase food products from Coscto. All food items are donated to the non-profit group Youth Hope, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless and runaway youths.   Mr. Knudsen wrote of his motivations to organize the food drive in the following brief explanation:

"I grew up on a golf course.  No, I wasn’t playing golf; my Dad was a greenskeeper.  He was responsible for landscape management of the golf course and surrounding clubhouse grounds.  Ownership would often complain that the birds and squirrels and such were 'pests' and were 'fouling' the area.  Being an outdoorsman and nature lover, this angered him to no end and he did what he thought was right."
One of the yearly seasonal duties was overseeding the course – spreading grass seed over the entire course for uniformity of growth.  Every year he would make sure he ordered just a little too much seed (usually several 25-lb. bags).  He would keep the extra seed hidden in the corner of the maintenance shed and out of sight.  When the owners weren’t around, he’d take a handful or two of seed and throw it on the tin roof of the shed and wait.  Without fail and within minutes, you would hear the pecking of the birds and feet of the squirrels on the tin roof -- nowhere near the clubhouse to 'foul' anything. When the owners and executives would come to the maintenance yard and see (and hear) all the animals, they were dumbfounded.  To my Dad, the sound was pure symphony.
To my Dad, the point was simple; he got his job done but never forgot the other guy. He never forgot the difference between the 'Haves' and 'Have Not’s.'  I guess that lesson really stuck with me."


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