Community Plea, a joint collaboration with Inland Empire Concerned African American Churches (IECAAC), San Bernardino County Public Defender's Office, San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office, and San Bernardino County Superior Courts assists individuals by resolving outstanding infractions and low-level misdemeanors with community service in lieu of a fine or custody time. 

Individuals may have had their driving privileges suspended because they missed their court appearance on a  traffic citation or failed to pay a fine on a ticket or infraction after a court appearance.  A person may be unable to obtain a license until he/she has appeared and paid the fine in full.  This can be difficult to accomplish for those who are unemployed.  Yet, to become employed, a driver's license is often needed.  

Community Plea may provide an avenue for those citizens.  If a person is eligible, the court will lift the suspension and allow the person to complete community service hours in lieu of a fine payment or jail time. 

To determine whether you qualify, please contact the Public Defender's Office at the location where the ticket is assigned or a pastor from IECAAC (Inland Empire Concerned African American Churches).  Community Plea now exists in San Bernardino, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, and Victorville.


Who Qualifies for the Program?

Subject to approval by the District Attorney and the judge assigned to the case, anyone with a misdemeanor or infraction offense for which there is a warrant for your arrest (and that offense does not involve allegations of violence or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol), may qualify to have the warrant recalled. 


Who Does Not Qualify for the Program?

●        Persons arrested on a warrant or not voluntarily going to court to clear their cases.

●        Persons accused of violent offenses or felonies.

●        Repeat, serious, or non-cooperative offenders as determined by the District Attorney.



Inland Empire Concerned African American Churches
Pastor Owusu Hodari
(909) 644-7489

You may also contact the Public Defender's Office at the location where the ticket is assigned.



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