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Certificate of Rehabilitation

Individuals who have served time in state prison on qualifying offenses, must seek a Certificate of Rehabilitation.  A Certificate of Rehabilitation is a court order declaring that person has been rehabilitated.  To be eligible, a person must have been free of custody for at least seven years, been a resident of California for five consecutive years before filing the peition, is not on probation or parole, and pass a background check.  Once a person has completed the required period of rehabilitation, a person may file for a COR in his/her current county of residency.  

Individuals who are ineligible for a pardon or have been convicted of a crime in California but currently live out of state must seek a direct pardon from the governors office.  One can obtain an Application for Executive Clemency from the Governor's website at or request an application in writing at the following address.

Governor's Office

State Capitol

Attention:  Legal Affairs

Sacramento, CA 95814

To determine your eligibility for a COR, please fill out the online application. 


For the Certificate of Rehabilitation Application Packet.  Click Here.

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