The San Bernardino County Public Defender is a leader in innovation, developing and implementing programs to operate more efficiently and improving individual lives.
Using a holistic approach, the Public Defender seeks to increase client opportunities for achieving self-sufficiency.  In addition to providing legal defense, our agency also seeks to arrange client access to social service programs and  assistance with receiving alcohol and drug rehabilitation services and counseling for mental health issues.
We are grateful and proud of recognition for our efforts by various organizations. This is a tribute to all of our staff members who, in addition to their regular duties, often volunteer their time to charity and community assistance organizations.
Below is a list of some of the awards:

  • National Association of Counties
    • 2016 Achievement Award—Gateway Mock Trial Program
    • 2016 Achievement Award—Law Day
    • 2015 Achievement Award Award—AutoFACTS
    • 2015 Achievement Award—Removing Every Barrier and Rehabilitating
    • 2012 Achievement Award—iPads Project
    • 2011 Achievement Award—Alternative Approaches to Rehabilitation
  • California Public Defender’s Association
    • 2015 Program of the Year Award— Removing Every Barrier and Rehabilitating
    • 2012 Program of the Year Award—iPad Project
    • 2010 Program of the Year Award-- Alternative Approaches to Rehabilitation


Harvest Resource Fair - San Bernardino CA

November 04, 2017

The Law Offices of the Public Defender will participate in this event to provide expungement / dismissal services to members of the community who need to clean up their records.
See more info here: harvest-resource-fair-11-04-2017.pdf
Turkey Giveaway Event & Resource Fair

November 18, 2017

The Young Visionaries, in conjunction with Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino, are hosting a "Turkey Giveaway & Resource Fair" on November 18, 2017 from 10 AM - 3 PM at Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County, located at 696 South Tippecanoe Avenue in San Bernardino.  Staff from the Public Defender's office will be on site to assist members of the community in cleaning up their records.  For more info:  turkey-giveaway-2017.pdf
6th Annual Eat & Be Well Event - Fontana CA

November 22, 2017

Click here for more details:  http://eatbewell.org/about/.

This is a free event.  Time:  11am - 3pm
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Benefits of Prop 47

A discussion with Deputy Public Defender Daniel Edber informing the community about the benefits of Prop 47
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October 01, 2017

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